Friday, 3 December 2010

Orange Folksy Friday

Tonight is my daughters Christmas Fair at school. This year instead of just any old donations for the Tombola, the Parents Association have asked that we donate something of a particular colour. Each year group has a different colour and the class with the most donations gets a prize. Year 1 has been assigned the colour orange. Hmmm! I racke my brains for weeks trying to come up with something different that was orange. Terry's Chocolate Orange? Too predictible, Marmalade? Better. Anyway, on Wednesday in a fit of inspiration I dug out some orange felt and made a flower brooch. I also made an orange Birthday card and found an orange necklace I had made. Sorted!

So I decided that I would use the theme Orange for a Folksy Friday to see what lovely things other Folksters make that is orange!
Orange Daze Millefiori Pendant by PyroAngel's Sweet Trinkets

Orange Spotty Bracelet by Dready Derry Designs
Orange Etched Floral Apron by RachaelTaylorDesigns
Orange heart felted soap from The Rainbow Room
Tall Drink of Orange Juice Button Bracelet by Mrs Gibson
Retro Orange Bloom Bag by Woolly Lakes
I didn't realise just how stunning a colour orange is, now where did I put that orange felt?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

And the winner is........

The draw for my first giveaway has just been drawn by my dashingly handsome son against the lovely snowy backdrop and I can confirm that the winner is..

Well done Grannysmither!Your Little Book of Christmas is on its way to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Early Christmas Present?

Hello everyone, don't forget to enter my first ever giveaway! Only got 5 days left! Click here for entry details!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Well the dawn of a new day saw all 3 of my flock ill with the current tummy bug sweeping the village. So, I thought it would be a good time to start on daughters Christmas Competition entry. She has to make a decoration from a toilet roll tube. The first thing that sprang to mind was a candle. Then I thought that might be too obvious and most other children would be doing that as well. She did win the competition last year so I have got standards to maintain! I also thought of a cracker, but in the end decided on a tree with the agreement of darling daughter!

So I got out the green paint and sat dd down with her little brother to paint a tube.

We waited for these to dry, then added some branches

All under the watchful eye of Woody!
She added some baubles which I retrieved from my stash of beads, and cut her own star topper out and stuck it to the top.
The completed tree. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her again this year, she won chocolate last year and I'm sure I would be owed a cut! All entries will be judged on 3 December.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Dentist is ok!

If you haven't already met, let me introduce you to my 3 year old son. Only just 3 mind, it was his birthday last week. He is a gorgeous little chappy, always got a nice smile and says please and thank you at the right times. However, he has a terrible fear of hairdressers and dentists. Hairdressers refuse to cut his hair due to his frantic movements, screaming in fear and the inevitable 'emptying' of his stomach all over them due to his swallowing vast qualtities of hair! Visits to the dentist were not much better, just less hair and vomit.

So, yesterday I was overcome with fear and dread when I noticed a 4.15 appointment at the dentist. And it was a new dentist as our old one had stopped providing free NHS care for children. Double problem. Right, I thought, it is about time hubby saw just how difficult it is. (he goes to yet a different dentist for reasons I cannot fathom other than to avoid having to take our children!!) So very politely suggested that he might like to join us.

We solemly walked into the surgery at 4.10. I quickly glanced around to waiting room hoping not to see anyone I knew. About 20 past we were invited into the 'room'. I made eldest son go first. Yes everything was fine, and being 14 years old he had stopped screaming at the dentist some time ago. So 5 year old daughter was next. She was a bit nervous and I had to hold her hand, but everything was ok. She too had stopped screaming some time after she started school. Now it was the time for the little man. I daren't look at him in his daddy's arms, assuming he was white as a sheet and clinging on for dear life lest someone should make him sit in the chair and a strange man look at his teeth. Holding my breath for some time I courageously looked his way only to see him fighting out of daddys arms, running into the chair and happily opening his mouth so wide I'm sure his tonsils could be seen from the moon. Daddy now thinks I made the whole 'he is really scared of the dentist and will have to be restrained' story up, and is unlikely to help again. But at least our son had his teeth looked at and the dentist was very impressed with his pearly whites!

Just noticed we have a hair appointment later......................

Sunday, 21 November 2010


I have stocked my shops up and am now ready for my very first giveaway!

Here's how to enter;

Please favourite my shops on Folksy, Red Moon and Red Moon Home.
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Post a comment here saying what you would like to win from either of my shops if your name is picked out!

I will put all names in a hat and draw a winner on the 1st December 2010. The prize will be what you said you would like to win. Good luck!

I'm back!!!

Well it seems like years since I have been here! Nothing exciting has happened, I'd love to say I'd won a cruise around the world, or been hitch-hiking across America, but the truth is that I have been a bit busy with work (not the job that is really a hobby but I try to convince my hubby that it is a proper job!) but the proper 'day time' job. And between you and me have been a bit lazy too!

I have done a couple of fairs over the last few months, so have been busy making things for them, only to be a bit dissapointed on the day as not many people are wanting to part with their cash.

So here I am. I am feeling so guilty that I have neglected my shops on Folksy, I am going to re-launch them by offering a 10% discount on any item from either shop until 1st December. I am also going to arrange a give away very soon, so watch this space!