Sunday, 21 November 2010

I'm back!!!

Well it seems like years since I have been here! Nothing exciting has happened, I'd love to say I'd won a cruise around the world, or been hitch-hiking across America, but the truth is that I have been a bit busy with work (not the job that is really a hobby but I try to convince my hubby that it is a proper job!) but the proper 'day time' job. And between you and me have been a bit lazy too!

I have done a couple of fairs over the last few months, so have been busy making things for them, only to be a bit dissapointed on the day as not many people are wanting to part with their cash.

So here I am. I am feeling so guilty that I have neglected my shops on Folksy, I am going to re-launch them by offering a 10% discount on any item from either shop until 1st December. I am also going to arrange a give away very soon, so watch this space!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back. Don`t know how long you`ve been away, I only joined end of June. Have become a follower and will have a look in your shop. Linda