Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Craft fair countdown

There are only 57 make days until my very first craft fair! And I have made the grand sum of 2 items to sell!! I am getting slightly nervous as I don't have a great deal of time to make things in.

I thought that I would make some things that could be sold relatively cheaply in order to get some sales and my name out there as well as more expensive, longer to make things.

I have started with these tote bags for girls. ( I will be adding a line for boys too!). Also my first real attempt at applique. What do you think?


  1. Good Luck with your craft fair. I chickened out of one this weekend, wish I was doing it now. Don't feel bad if you don't sell a lot, Just remember they are more about getting seen. Hand out as many cards or flyers as you can.

  2. they are cute bags, keep going! I agree it's good to have some inexpensive items to sell,
    pam x

  3. Lovely bags, really freash and clean looking - good luck at the fair