Friday, 3 December 2010

Orange Folksy Friday

Tonight is my daughters Christmas Fair at school. This year instead of just any old donations for the Tombola, the Parents Association have asked that we donate something of a particular colour. Each year group has a different colour and the class with the most donations gets a prize. Year 1 has been assigned the colour orange. Hmmm! I racke my brains for weeks trying to come up with something different that was orange. Terry's Chocolate Orange? Too predictible, Marmalade? Better. Anyway, on Wednesday in a fit of inspiration I dug out some orange felt and made a flower brooch. I also made an orange Birthday card and found an orange necklace I had made. Sorted!

So I decided that I would use the theme Orange for a Folksy Friday to see what lovely things other Folksters make that is orange!
Orange Daze Millefiori Pendant by PyroAngel's Sweet Trinkets

Orange Spotty Bracelet by Dready Derry Designs
Orange Etched Floral Apron by RachaelTaylorDesigns
Orange heart felted soap from The Rainbow Room
Tall Drink of Orange Juice Button Bracelet by Mrs Gibson
Retro Orange Bloom Bag by Woolly Lakes
I didn't realise just how stunning a colour orange is, now where did I put that orange felt?


  1. Lovely orange items! I hope the school fair was a success x

  2. This collection certainly brightens up a grey day. Nice idea.

    Sara xx