Saturday, 22 May 2010

Folksy swap

There was recently a thread on the Folksy Forum asking if anyone wanted to take part in a swap. The idea was that I make something for another Forum member and I received an item in from someone else. A bit like Secret Santa but without the mince pies! 'I'll have a go' thought I despite being up to my eyeballs in preparing for my first cradt fair (details to follow!).

The theme was 'summer' and it had to be worth at least £5 to make it fair on everyone. So I set to work on a bracelet/anklet and earrings for my recipient. I hope she liked them!

Wednesday morning saw the delivery of my gift! I must admit to being a bit childlike excited!

It came wonderfully wrapped......

Such a lovely material, but what could it be..
How fantastic, a notebook/organizer complete with pen and a lovely gift tag from Crafted.

It now takes pride of place in my handbag and have already used it for jotting some notes down. Thank you so much


  1. Oooh - that's lovely! I just bought some bunting from Crafted their shop is fab x