Saturday, 1 May 2010

Busy day...

I can't believe this is my first post since the end of March! Time really does fly.

My auntie in law texted yesterday, she is having a lunch party tomorrow for her birthday. As it is a 'bring and eat' I thought that I would do some baking today. Problem was hubby was going to Stoke to watch the football this afternoon so I also had to entertain the little sprogs.

Feeling a bit brave, and possibly a bit stupid, I got the Play -Doh out.

Really, what did I expect!

Well I was busy in the kitchen, made chocolate brownies, 'posh' chocolate rice crispie cakes and some cupcakes.

The Play-Doh inspired me to get the polymer clay out. I made almost as much mess as the children. I used far to much Badger Balm and ended up in a very sticky mess! But eventually I ended up with some 'clouds' and 'sunshines'. I am going to paint the edges of the clouds with silver paint and call them 'Cloudy with a chance of Happiness' (as in every cloud has a silver lining). Not sure whether to make them into earrings, charms for a bracelet or necklaces. Ditto with the sunshines.

Well I'd best get on with some cleaning......


  1. Are they real cakes or play dough cakes, just kidding. Enjoy your party.

  2. I love the smiley sunshines!! I thought it looked quite tidy, you should come to my house!! Hope the party was fab :)

  3. Yes they are real cakes, cheeky by name.....hee hee. Thanks Dottie, it was one of the tidier photos. I was taking a photo of the floor when darling daughter piped up with "you can't take a photo of the mess mummy"!