Thursday, 11 March 2010


Wow, I logged in to find that my following has increased somewhat! Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy my blogs!

I have been a bit naughty today and been making things instead of doing my 'desk' job! My scary craft fair is in my thoughts so I decided to have a go at some 'prototypes'. I have made a mobile phone sock, which is ok. It needs a bit more perfecting but I'm happy with it. This one is going to the MIL for Mothers Day (hope she doesn't read this!!). I have also made my mum's card today. It has got a detachable flower which can be used as a brooch. I felted it myself and am quiet pleased with it. I have just got my camera out to take snaps, but battery has run out. Typical. Hopefully I can add some piccy's later, assuming of course I find the charger........

Now I have got to go to the gym. I promised hubby we would go together as it is our anniversary today. Suppose we ought to spend some child free time together!! Lets hope I will still be able to walk in the morning. Can think of things I'd rather be doing!!

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