Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My very first Folksy Friday

Well I thought it was about time I did a Folksy Friday and decided on a 'Moon' theme, perhaps not too suprisingly! There were so many moonish items to choose from, but I have picked these 6. I hope you like them as much as me!

Sailing to Byzantium Flutterbies
'Rubbish pictures' from Wallop Leigh Shepherd Designs
Salt of the Earth Createdbycarole

The shops featured are; Sailing to Byzantium with the Hare and the Moon. The hare is cut from sterling silver and features a lovely moonstone. I think this is simply stunning and would look equally lovely worn with jeans and t-shirt as it would an evening dress, and everything in between!

Flutterbies has the Red Moon pendant (what a super name!!). It is made from red and amber glass and features a stripy moon. It has been hung on a sterling silver curb chain. Really lovely colours.

'Rubbish Pictures' from Wallop had a lovely Moon Rabbit collage made entirely from recycled food packaging, junk mail and discarded bits and bobs. Unfortunatly she sold this picture yesterday which quite frankly was a bit rude!!! But please please take a look at her other items, they are stunning.

Leigh Shepherd Designs made the To the Moon and Back tile painting. Who hasn't read and fell in love with the book? This would be perfect in your little one's bedroom. It has also been finished off with tiny swarovski crystals. Need any more tempting?

Salt of the Earth has this sweet The Moon and The Stars glass bottle featuring a moon suspended over a cluster of 'diamonds'. It hangs from a silver coloured ball chain. You would be the focus of attention wearing this, it is very unusual.

and lastly but certainly not least these Shining Bright earrings by created by carole. They feature Tibetan Silver centre hangers and charms and come with a choice of silver plated ear fittings; hooks, lever backs or clip ons. I personally think they have got a bit of gothic in their blood and I have a feeling they will be favourited very soon!

Well there it is, my first Folksy Friday. I really hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my selection. Thanks to all the shop keepers I have featured for letting me use their items and thank you for stopping by to look!

I would also like to say thank you to Haptree and Me for her wonderful tutorial and template for this Folksy Friday.


  1. Lovely choices! I need the painting!!

  2. Lovely picks today and congrats on your first Folksy Friday. I love the moon and stars it's very original.

    Max x

  3. Lovely selection, I am totally in love with Leigh Shepherd's tile paintings!